Let’s Talk: Social Media Crazy

Hey Guys!
Hope all is well.

As of late I’ve been hearing my friends say that I’m too “Social Media Crazy” and I get how that can be a bad thing. However, I think I have to disagree even though it made me stop and think for a little.


Social media crazy? That’s a bit extreme.

I know of all the hype around people who post lavish lifestyles on the web while they’re struggling in real life; or perhaps posting everything, thinking that if they don’t it would signify it didn’t happen.

However, for me that’s not the case. I simply LOVE taking pictures! Plus, what’s the point of capturing these moments if there’s no-one to share them with?
Hence,I really enjoy different apps for various reasons;

Instagram – for posting pictures and sharing memories with a wider audience

P.S personal shots can be found at @xo_liyah

Snapchat – sharing a more personal experience with individuals I actually know; also for their filters, who doesn’t get addicted to these?

Pinterest – Ya’ll should KNOW by now how much I love this app. It’s my go-to for inspiration with everything: hair, clothes, quotes, etc. It’s amazing to see how people come up with all these different ideas and have a space to share them.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.18.15 PM

I’m slowly getting over the hype of twitter and hardly use it as much as before *in terms of my personal account*. That platform is definitely turning into a “pick-me fest”; everybody wants to be seen and would post anything just for RTs. It gets annoying for me at times so I usually just “post and go”.

A part from that I don’t really feel like I’m on social media that often or obsessed with it. It’s a nice avenue to keep up with your friends, see different parts of the world, learn new stuff and so much more.

What do you guys think about social media?

Are you crazy about it?

What are your favorite apps and why?

Let’s Talk!!


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