Summer Essentials // 6 Must-Haves

Hey Guys!!

If you can’t tell by now I LOVE summer! Since I also live on an island where it’s practically summer 365 days a year, why not? If you’re unsure what to do this summer check out my list of 10 Activities to do. However, today I’m here to share 6 of my “must have” items for the season!


It doesn’t matter where you are *well once it’s summer* you NEED a bikini. Even if you don’t have remote access to a beach, check out a pool or water park. These are two styles I’ve been eyeing for this summer; I found these from instagram: neishonline & hibootyswim *haven’t purchased, pretty sure they’re on other sites*



You’ve been wearing boots all Winter long, time to let those toes free in some cute sandals. Check out GoJane or Forever21; I’ve been wanting some slides and there are so many other options to choose from.


Helllooo, you’re gonna be out most of the day and gotta protect those eyes. Plus, have you seen the latest trendy shades? I think some of them may be too huge for me but they sure are cute.

SUNDRESS (Day Dresses)

Some days I love being FREE and having the option of wearing a dress. I actually hate jeans, and not everyday you want to wear something tight/close-fitting.

SHORTS (+ Rompers)

Time to show off those legs!! A ripped denim shorts are definitely a staple for the season; however, there are also high-waist, loose flowy shorts which fit well with bralettes and body suits.

*similar outfits can be found on Forever21, Boohoo, Asos*


I REALLY REALLY NEED ONE!! But, yes a camera to document your adventures and what not. I know after a while how annoying your phone can get having to use it to do everything. Plus a camera would be a really cool investment.


Since I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest I just included pictures I’ve pinned to my different boards. *Unfortunately not all had links to the products*.
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Of course *almost* everything starts with ‘S’ because SUMMER;
what’s on your must-have list for the season?


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  1. Shorts and rompers are definitely my thing this summer

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