Weekend Review // Hello Summer

Hey Guys!!

It’s been a while since I did a weekend review, but this weekend was activity packed so here I am!
As summer gets started your party stamina gets tested.
This weekend’s events included:

Β Project Sync: Rave – JCI Color Run – Tropical Day Party – Beach Party

How to be Single party woo rebel wilson weekends GIF

Friday: Experiment Rave

This was my first year attending this event as I’m usually overseas during this time. As the name suggests it was a RAVE; there were neon lights as well as colored powder. The organizers (Project SYNC) of this fete are a non-profit organization which specializes in partying for a cause. On Friday night they were #TwerkingfortheTurtles as the Antiguan Wildlife Campaign were their choice of charity.

Unlike most the parties I’ve attended this one wasn’t all-inclusive, so it was US$13 with packages available for US$25. A package included a drink chit, t-shirt, dust mask, shades, ticket and a wristband.

It was a nice little lime, but since I was super tired from work and knew I had to be up early the next day I wasn’t in the mood 100%. The music was good for most parts, and standing on the outskirts looking in the crowd had plenty vibes. It was mostly teens/pre-teens hence I was standing far; plus I was also avoiding the powder and other props. My lil (16yo) sis said she had a blast, so let’s take her word for it.

Saturday: Color Run + Tropical Day Party

Also a first for me and probably the best thing all weekend, except for the soreness which I’m currently feeling. As noted it was a run as well as a fitness jam; therefore along the route there were different stops designated for exercising. It was a rather fun experience and after reaching home at 3:00 a.m from the previous night I was surprised I made it the entire route.

I was with a group of 20+ so I paid like US$18, and as you can see above there was breakfast provided along with a t-shirt and drinks along the way.

Photo:N.S Photography

About 5 showers later and I’m still fighting to get the color off parts of my body.

Album: here

As for the Tropical Day Party, it was one of my friend’s 21st birthday party. There was alcohol, music, food and vibes. I made it sometime after 6 p.m, 3 hours past starting time because I had to catch up on some sleep. All in all it was a good day.

*sorry no pics*

Sunday: Beach Party – SOBO

It was a highly anticipated event with sold out tickets since capacity was limited, however I don’t think it lived up to the hype per se. I may or may not make a separate post about it *not an event reviewer and don’t want to come off too negative, lol*.

However, it was a beach fete on an offshore island with music, food, drinks and vibes. Yes, it was “all-inclusive” for only US$54 and US$45 for early bird tickets.

Photo: J Goodwin’s Snap
Best friend/ Party buddy

There you have it folks!
My weekend activities which had me too tired to function at work Monday morning.

What do you guys do this weekend?
Any partying?
Ever done a color run?
Let me know!!



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