If we were having coffee // February Roundup

Hey Guys

I decided to start this new series that I’ve seen on other blogs as a roundup of what’s been happening in my life each month. It’s basically an imaginary scenario where ‘if we were having coffee‘ what would I share with you; sort of like a chatty catch-up session. So let’s get into it.


If we were having coffee,

…I’d tell you how my 2017 has been going awful so far and I barely made it through February.

…I’d tell you how I placed all my hopes and plans on one big IF which didn’t happen. I had a job where I was happy despite waking up at 5:30 a.m., but unfortunately it was temporary and came to an end. When that ended I felt like my life ended as well. *exaggeration? lol, but it still sucks*

…I’d tell you how much I feel like a disappointment/failure. It shouldn’t be a big deal really, but it is to me. The feeling of others having such high expectations for you and you letting them down. I thought I was ready, I felt ready but I let my nerves get the best of me. It’s difficult to say but if you must know……. I failed my driving license test and I’m not even sure I want to relive that pressure again.

…I’d tell you how much I miss school and how easy school was compared to this “adult” life. The only pressure I had then were assignments, exams, presentations etc which felt like the end of the world, but I still made it through. So guess I will make it through this as well.

…I’d tell you how some days it feels like I’m going crazy. I’m low-key tired of being home 24/7 and being alone with my thoughts can be stressful. I find distractions in the television, reading, or other activities (How to get out of a FUNK) but it’s still hard. I read inspirational quotes for pick me ups, but it’s difficult to believe in them. Maybe it’s time to turn to my bible…

… I’d tell you how February has been a good month for blogging *really the highlight of my month*; my views doubled from last month, I’m gaining followers and I actually feel good about the content I’m putting out. It’s not all about numbers, but let’s be real it makes you excited. I’ve also been getting positive feedback from individuals, either those who relate to my posts or get inspired. I’m feeling positive about my blogging journey.

… I’d tell you how I’m planning to give up social media for lent (March 1st – April 13th). That means no Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. It’ll be hard but I’m going to try or maybe I can start out with one/two apps?

…I’d tell you how thankful I am of you for taking the time out to listen to me. I’d reassure you that despite all my current feelings I’ll get through this. Life comes in stages right? This is just one and hopefully I’ll get past it and onto a happier one.

…I’d also ask for your help or any advice/words of wisdom you’d care to share with me.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?








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