DIY Photo Frame

2017 – the year of firsts!

Let’s welcome my first DIY project for the year, a photo frame.

As a part of planning my little sister’s 16th birthday party I decided to add a photo frame to the decor.

Materials needed:

Foam Board
Craft Knife
Neon Construction Paper
Spray adhesive/Glue
Glue gun & sticks

First I cut out the middle of the poster board by measuring around the edges 3 inches from each corner.
Then connected the dots to form a square.
After, I cut out the square using a craft knife.
It takes precision and time to cut straight lines right through.

Now you have a frame which needs to be decorated.
Our theme for the party was Hawaiian; therefore I thought bright colors and pineapples.
I purchased neon construction paper from the office supply store and used this for letters and decor.
I also printed out some flowers from online to add to the frame.
Then I went glitter crazy using the spray adhesive to keep them on.

To keep the letters upright and to give a somewhat 3D effect I stuck the cutouts on cardboard then hot glued them to the frame.
The pineapples were also done free handed and cut out from construction paper.

I think it turned out pretty awesome and seeing all the reactions from the party confirmed that.

What do you think?
Have you ever created a photo frame?
Try one out for your next party/event!

Stay Tuned

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