Sunday Funday // Raft Up

Hey guys!!

I’ve been pretty MIA lately and forgot to post about one of my Sunday adventures. Well actually I didn’t really plan to post about it, but hey why not?

Almost two weeks ago I attended an event by the name of “Raft Up: Christmas Edition.”

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For those of you that never heard of this term before, ‘Raft up’ is simply the roping together of small vessels to form a raft-life structure. At this event there’s also drinking, partying, music and participating in water activities.

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Aerial view of Summer edition (

There was a summer edition which I missed as well as previous ones, so this was my very first. However, at the very beginning I began to feel like maybe this wasn’t the right time to attend. The weekend of the event was the same weekend we decided to have a weather fiasco. Basically the water was rough and the winds were relatively high, just not a good time for boating or swimming.

The organizers of the event decided to relocate from the eastern Β end of the island to the western, and we (my friend and I) decided that maybe now it’d be safer. Despite warnings from our parents we both disobeyed and still went ahead.

The event was scheduled for 11a.m. to 5p.m. but as mentioned before we’re on Caribbean time. Therefore the boat we were on didn’t leave until after 12p.m. even though we were at the port since 9:30a.m.

Darren’s GoPro Photography

As we pulled into the bay that they decided to Raft Up at we realized that they were anchored pretty close to land. So close to land that people just came to the event via the beach access. Other boats were tied together a little distance out, but eventually everybody ended up on land to socialize. Basically our Raft Up became one big beach party.

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Of course people were still out in their floats, but they just had to be tied onto the boats or they’d probably get drifted away by the wind. Even though it wasn’t like the previous ones, I was still surrounded by a group of good people who made the time spent worth it. Hopefully they’d have one for Easter and I’d get to experience the true definition of Raft Up.Β 

Darren’s GoPro Photography

As the year comes to and end I can only hope to have more adventures in 2017 to keep my #SundayFunday series alive.

P.S If you don’t recognize me it’s because I also Big Chopped!
Post for the new year *maybe* =)

Stay Tuned

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