Favorite Bloggers + Youtubers // #FridayFaves

First Friday of December!


As I get more into blogging I explore different avenues in which I can find new bloggers to relate too. There’s twitter, bloglovin’, instagram, and pinterest where I stumble upon new bloggers whose style I just adore. On the other hand, during my free time I’d watch a few YouTube videos from individuals I find through the same mediums.

So here it goes, in no particular order of preference:

  1. Raven Elyse
    I either found her from tumblr or Instagram but I keep up with her every now and again on YouTube. She recently restarted her blog as well whose concept and style I’m in love with.
    Image result for raven elyse
  2. Jayla Koriyan (The Glamaholic)
    I love shopping and continue to look forward to her clothing hauls; she always finds awesome outfits at affordable stores. She also vlogs about college and basically her life.
    Image result for jayla koriyan
  3. Vicky Logan
    Absolutely adore her marriage or at least what she posts on snapchat etc. She also has a series “Life With the Logans” as well as her personal vlog channel with hairstyles and makeup.
    Image result for vicky logan
  4. Mattieologie
    Found through twitter and I live for her inspiration posts. She also does webinars and free email courses which I sign up for once there’s time. Everything she speaks about is pretty informative for me.
  5. Amber Janae
    Another inspirational blogger who promotes self-love, wellness, personal and professional development.fullsizerender-1
  6. Keeping Up With MJ
    A new blog I discovered through twitter; her posts are pretty neat and inspiring. We also have the same concept of a freestyle blog where we post about our interests among other things.
    Bonus points because she’s Trinidadian #CaribbeanGirlsRunIt *ask Rih Rih*

There you have it my favorite bloggers + youtubers, if you haven’t make sure you check ’em out!

Who are your personal faves? Tell me below!
I always love checking out new blogs.


Stay Tuned

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