T’is the Season

It’s the eve of December and thanksgiving is long gone, so you know what’s next right?


The most wonderful time of the year.
I absolutely adore Christmas for so many reasons.
From the food, music, decorations, movies etc etc
I just love the feel of the Christmas season.
It also happens to get cooler in the tropics as oppose to Winter elsewhere.

For last week’s photo challenge the topic was “It’s Not This Time of Year Without…” My first thought was Ham or Sorrel *Yumm* However, Christmas also means decorations and a tree.

We usually all help to do this but this year I just untangled some stuff and observed. My mom is a boss though, so the turn out was pretty awesome.


What about you?
Are there any traditions or items that you can’t picture the Christmas season without?

Stay Tuned

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ranu802 says:

    I love your Christmas trees. I enjoy watching people running around buying gifts for friends and family. Though I do not celebrate Christmas I like watching people who are generous. It’s a time of year where peace is the important word for the whole world. I wish this spirit of Christmas would last all year, just love and peace, no war.

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    1. astoldbyali says:

      I agree with you! Peace & love all year would be nice 😊


  2. fluffysteps says:

    I always put up my Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. It’s missing the holiday spirit without it. 🙂

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