Sunday Funday – Boatin’

Last Sunday was one of my most adventurous days since I’ve been back home. Not only was it last-minute and totally unplanned, but it was worth every second.

First and foremost it was my best friends birthday (Woohoo); so we had lunch then another one of her friends asked if she wanted to come boating *and I totally invited myself*. We left from one end of the island to the complete opposite, about 45 mins the most.

The views were amazing and unfortunately I lost my photos *thanks snapchat*, however I’ll share these.


This is a view of the harbor while we were on our way out. Before we headed out we had a mini safety briefing even though I wasn’t too worried. My only concern was the fact that I didn’t update anyone on my whereabouts, so let’s just pray nothing happens.

On our way out we first headed west and passed beaches such as Rendezvous Bay, Turtle Bay, Morris Bay and many others that I either forgot the name of or didn’t know. Along the way we could also see the isles of Montserrat and Guadeloupe. At this point I was really concerned about my phone flying overboard so I kept it in a pouch and missed all the great photo ops.

Judging on the amount of fuel we had and the views we saw we decided to head back east to visit a beach for a swim. We ended up at Galleon Bay which is pass the harbor we left from. Next to Galleon Bay is a famous attraction for locals/tourists – Pillars of Hercules.


The Pillars are a geological formation due to nature (i.e sea, wind, rain) aka EROSION; the rock is mainly limestone. It’s easy to hike to them from the beach, but you’d only see the real beauty from the sea-side.

The Pillars of

*Above is an aerial view just in case you can’t really see the beauty from my sucky pictures.*

What made my adventure even more spectacular was the fact that I got to drive the boat. Now we all know by now that I’m without my driver’s license, but a boat is so very different. Of course it’s all open water but there are rocks and reefs to look out for. There’s Β also a GPS on board which showcased the depth of the water along with contours of Β the area, and areas to stay away from. It was in all, a cool and exhilarating experience.

20161127_164004I may look slightly intoxicated, but ignore *lol*

This wasn’t my first time boating but probably because it was with friends made the experience much better. I can’t wait to do it again and hopefully I have a camera or remember to snap better pictures.

Have you ever been boating?
Did you do any exciting activities last weekend?

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