Thursday Thoughts // Regrets

It’s not hard to go through life without any regrets.

I know for sure I have a few, but unfortunately it’s impossible to go back in time and change the way things went. All I can do now is make better decisions for the future.

I started thinking back on all the “What if” moments in my life and how I would have been if I made a different choice.

What if I took learning to play the piano seriously when I was younger. I mean I was good at it but I always felt like I could be spending the time doing something else.

What if I took school more seriously; chose better classes and paid keen attention. But I didn’t….Now I’m here…..with regrets.

I also feel like I got through life thus far by being mediocre/just good enough. I know my true potential and I don’t think I exerted that much effort in anything I’ve done. From school to extracurricular activities I always played it safe, and it may have cost me missing out on a lot of great opportunities.

Since I can’t get back everything I wished I didn’t pass up on I’m here to encourage all of you to believe in yourselves and know that you have the power to do anything. Anytime you’re granted an opportunity, take it! You never know where it may lead you; it may also show you something about yourself that you didn’t know.

Stop being mediocre just to get by, if you know you can do better DO IT! Don’t half ass anything this is not the time.

Stay Tuned

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