Happy Halloween!

Hey guys!!

Hope you had a great weekend!

We all know what today is…….


I’ve never been one to celebrate (dress up) until i went to college, nor into spending money on a costume when i can make one. ย Well, at least put a few things together. So here are two of my outfits from previous Halloween parties as well as this year’s own.

Halloween 2013 – My first Halloween party whose theme was “Hot Mess” i.e. you come dressed as a hot mess. I decided to go be a contestant from Toddlers & Tiaras, and well I’m not sure how well that worked out.ย 


Halloween 2014 – I decided to get creative (thanks to pinterest). The sign says “Nudist on Strike”. I think it played off pretty good, don’t ya think? P.s ignore the tongue out (nasty habit).

Fast forward to 2016 – my most last-minute/basic idea ever; a cadet? Whatever you want to call it I’m in military training. (Also ignore my friend that decided to photobomb me). This event was on Saturday and took the form of a street party. It’s called Sin City and was on the same road with a cemetery….I guess that’s supposed to add to the Halloween flair.


How did you spend the Halloween weekend? What did you dress as?

Stay Tuned

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