Day Parties + OOTD | Dadli Day Fete #DDF

Hey Guys!!!

It’s party time again!
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As mentioned in my previous post, this weekend I attended an event called “Sin City” which was a Halloween street party. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but since I was already there and paid my money I decided to make the best of it (a.k.a alcohol). However, that wasn’t the only chance to turn up this weekend as there was another highly anticipated party on Sunday.

Dadli Day Fete

First off, my island’s Independence Day is November 1st so this was our “turn up” weekend. Dadli Day Fete gets its name from “(Wa)dadli” which Antigua is sometimes referred to, and of course “day fete” because it’s a day party.

This year’s party was held at one of the island’s most luxurious hotels – Sugar Ridge; which made the event even more popular. Who wouldn’t want to turn up at an incredible venue?


Yes! That was the venue for our Sunday turn up. As you can see the place soon came alive with our flag colors for decor; the entrance was even prettier. If you don’t know by now I’m into that sort of thing so I was in love.

The party was set to start at 2 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. but as typical Caribbean people we weren’t going anywhere early. We got to the event around 5 p.m. which was much later than planned, but hey things happen. As to not bore you with too many deets I’d just say the event was okay, nothing too grand. I did enjoy myself at some parts, because hey why waste the time?

#OOTD – Outfit of the Day

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to get my clothes made rather than trying to shop for the perfect outfit. So that’s exactly what I did after searching Instagram pages relentlessly for inspiration. This wasn’t my first choice but I could never settle on the others. When I saw the design of this outfit I knew it just had to be it!

First off choosing the right fabric had to be the hardest thing because I am so picky, but I definitely fell in love with this one. Sadly, I also forgot to take a picture from the back to give you guys a full view. I was already late and everything just slipped my mind.

The top piece is similar to a bikini top simply with longer strings to wrap around my torso. The bottom piece is a maxi skirt with two thigh-high splits. I absolutely loved my outfit but the skirt was a bit too long for me. Everything else was kept simple: black sandals and little gold accessories.

How was your weekend?
Would you ever try partying in the day?
How else do you celebrate Independence?Ā 


Stay Tuned




P.s. Images of event venue are not mine.Ā 

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