Friday Faves // Online Stores



Hey guys, it’s yet another Friday so you know what that means!

Friday Faves

Today it’s all about SHOPPING. Show me a girl that doesn’t love to shop, I’ll wait! Even though I prefer going to a mall, sometimes you just gotta shop online for convenience.

Here’s a list of my favorite places to shop:

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Image result for forever 21

Image result for forever 21

My go-to for everyday wear, especially in college. Their basics line with camis, leggings and bodycon dresses are also pretty cool. I shop accessories from here too!


Image result for boohoo

This is where I get my outfits for events (parties, birthdays etc) Boohoo is solely an online site based in the UK, and my favorite thing about them is there is always a sale! My favorite “S” word. =)


Image result for H&MImage result for H&M

Another of my faves for everyday basic wear; H&M is also a cheaper alternative for working clothes.


Image result for gojane logo

My shoes plug! As well as accessories.


Image result for agaci     Image result for agaci logo

Always loved the atmosphere of this store, as well as the colors of the decor/store front. I mostly shop here for event pieces as well; something to stand out in and make a statement. I also find nice, affordable jewelry here.

Each store serves their specific purpose, but my two favorites are boohoo and forever21. For shopping in store however H&M is the place I find more deals and items that really fit my style *unless I have a major event*. P.S because I was also on a college budget Ross and Rue21 were my go-tos; it’s easy to find great deals in those stores once you have patience (for ross).


What are your favorite places to shop? Online/In Store?

Stay Tuned

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