Thursday Thoughts // Behind Closed Doors

Sometimes I feel like I’m living a double life, a lie, pretending to be someone I’m not. But, the crazy thing is I know who I want to be, it’s just different from what/whom people know me to be. I’ve mentioned this previously in my post Who am I?, but it’s becoming quite prevalent in my thoughts lately.

Who am I lying to the most?

People on the outside or myself?

Will I ever feel complete if I continue this “double” life?

You’re probably wondering why not join the two? Show the outside people who I really am.

The judgement? That’s probably the biggest reason as to why not.

So do I continue this way or attempt to get over it?

Are you the same person behind closed doors as you are in front of them?

These are just a few of my thoughts, maybe a new series? Thursday Thoughts?

Stay Tuned


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