Brand Board

Hey Guys!!

So I signed up for this consistency course like a month ago to help me out with my blog (The Consistency Cleanse by MattieoLogie) . However, I haven’t been very consistent keeping up with the readings and challenges. Yesterday I decided to get back to it, and the challenge was to create a brand board.

I was super excited about doing this because it was one thing I always planned on doing, but never got around to completing. It never seemed right or looked good enough, until last night I finally created one which I thought made the cut *at least for now*.


For those of you that are unaware, a Mood Board is basically “an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text etc. intended to project a particular style or concept.”

So above is my mood board on plans for my blog and graphic designs. Included are my logo designs/ideas, color ideas and text for my blog, along with inspiration. The inspiration section shows four images of what I want my brand to be about: adventure, inspiration, lifestyle, food.

As for my graphic designs, I have tried before to create T-shirt designs which you can see following my shop link on the blog *make sure content filter is not on safe*. However going forward I want to create better designs along with placing them on other mediums. For now the ideas are all in my head but as time goes by hopefully I can bring them all to life.

Have you ever made a mood board?  what about a vision board? I’m curious to see, let me know below.

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Stay Tuned

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