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3 Tips to Survive Exams in College

Je veins de l'ecole:

Hey College peeps! How ya holding up?

Don’t worry, you’re almost there. The semester is half-way through, so you know what that means –MIDTERMS The library is crowded no matter what time you go, study halls are packed, coffee shops even more crowded, and remember those people you saw on the first day of class and never saw again? They’re back, because it’s MIDTERM MADNESS.

So how can you survive the madness?

Plan your time wisely

Midterm grades can make or break you.
Have a study plan outlined and an exam calendar.
Know when assignments are due.
Plan time for library sessions, study groups, or even visiting your professor. Everything needs to be organized.
A little workout session between studying isn’t a bad idea as well.

Study smart, not hard

Some people prefer to study in groups, whereas others prefer to go solo; do what works for you or try both. A concept you may have missed in class could be better explained by another classmate. Also, when studying alone don’t spend all your time on things you already know, but the harder topics.
Alternate the places where you study (the park, room, library etc).


Before an exam get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast the morning of.
Don’t stress about it or try to cram information last minute (unless that works for you).
Envision yourself passing the test and believe in it; training your mind to see success helps with attaining it.

How do you handle midterm madness? Any tips for fellow college goers?

Stay Tuned

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