Goodbye September, Hello October

Am I the only one who thought that September lasted forever and a day? Like it would never end? Somber September was what it was for me and probably my most miserable month for the year. Usually September is back to school month, therefore something to look forward too but now there was nothing. Summer was over, all the parties and shenanigans were done, my friends that are still attending college overseas have returned, and where was I? Of course I still had friends here, but this would have been different. Reality begun to set in *as if it didn’t each day*, but being home 24/7 gives you A LOT of time to think.  [Read my post Here & Now to get an idea why.]

However, I’m more than ready to say goodbye to somber September. Adios! Chao! Good riddance. With all these goodbyes I hope to get rid of my current feelings and do a complete 180 on my mood. September has taken a toll on me and all I can hope is October changes everything.

So once more I say GOODBYE SEPTEMBER

« O C T O B E R // let's do this »:

In welcoming October I open my heart to new blessings, new chances, new memories to be made, new goals, a new mindset. I’m determined to put my best foot forward and work my hardest to start achieving everything I deserve.

October also happens to be my birth month woohoo!

Hello October, I’ve been waiting.
Stay tuned!!


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