Here & Now

Damn Ali, back again with the discover challenges! Do ya’ll remember when that was a thing? All the “Damn Daniel” remarks etc. Anyways, it’s been awhile since I participated in a Daily Post Discover Challenge; I usually like these challenges because they push you to think about certain topics not just at surface level, but at depth.

When I think of the term “here and now” I think of the current moment, presently, what’s happening right this instant. Well, right this instant nothing is happening for me and as a result I have been distracting myself by watching Netflix or TV. I’ve been home for a little over two months now, I enjoyed my summer “vacation” now what?

I’m a dreamer.

That’s problem number one; sadly I live in my dreams where I can spend hours dreaming of any and everything. There are times in the mornings where I don’t want to awaken because I rather not face reality.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of my future, at least how I’d like it to go. From starting a master’s program in Canada, being extremely involved in school, traveling, finding the love of my life, getting my dream job, more traveling etc etc. I’ve dreamed it all. However, problem two is the fact that I can dream it all so perfectly, but what exactly am I doing HERE AND NOW to reach those dreams?

I’ll spend days…..weeks…..months trying not to think on the present moment, but isn’t that what’s important? Doing what you can now so you can make those dreams a reality? I just feel like my opportunities here are limited and I’m stuck on how to take the next step.

Here is where I’d probably leave an inspirational remark, but how can I inspire others if I can’t do it for myself? Isn’t that hypocritical? I know the right things to say, maybe even do, but what about the action?

Somehow, someway I need to stop living in my dreams as often and think about the present moment. The HERE AND NOW. I have hopes that everything will be okay, and it’ll all come together in due time.





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