Beach #1 // Galley Bay

As mentioned before, my island is home to 365 beaches; or at least that’s what they advertise. So as a part of my 101 in 1001 days challenge I decided to see how many I could actually visit and explore.

First up on the list, which is literally two minutes away from my home GALLEY BAY.



It is located on the northwestern side of the island with clear shallow waters and a peaceful atmosphere. This beach can be divided into two, Galley bay and little bay (usually what the villagers refer to it as). Galley Bay is more used for tourists which reside at the resort, whereas locals would use little bay.

20140106_134324Little Bay 

993538_10202218552337897_293488395_nGalley Bay

wpid-20140708_135453.jpgAerial view of Galley Bay from Hawksbill hill.

One down three hundred and sixty-four more to go! I will also be listing ones I’ve previously been to before just to make up the list of 365.

Stay Tuned





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