The Countdown is ON

Hey  Guys!!

Guess what day is approaching……

Image result for birthday celebration






Yep, you guessed it.


It’s only 38 days away


So here’s a wishlist of items I’d like to receive on that special day.

Books! I’ve had my eyes on these books for quite some time. I’ve actually read the first two already, but I’d like to receive them as hard copies instead of digitally.












A tablet – My first option is the kindle fire, because I want a replacement to my old one. However, I also always wanted an iPad.









Hey Black Girl merchandise – I discovered this brand through twitter and fell in love with their movement.

Hey Black girl

Swimsuits! A good quality all white swimsuit has always been on my list of things to purchase. These two styles are my faves right now.

Mint Swim                                                                                     Riot by Monti

Image of ScarlettLennox One piece










PUMA Sneakers – from the Fenty collection. Not a huge sneaker fan, but something about these I like.

Image result for puma creepers beige


Clothing – Of course some type of clothing had to be on this list. I mean what kind of girl doesn’t want new clothes? However I kept it reallyyyy simple!

dressAsia Oversized Off The Shoulder Side Split Midi Dress at












ColourPop lippies – LAX, Avenue, Zipper
ColourPop Ultra-Matte-Lip-LAX (I love matte lip formulas so much I couldn't resist a few lipsticks I picked from Colour Pop. The shades are quite unusual, yet flattering to many skin tones. I'm very happy with them): Colour Pop: Ultra-Matte-Lip-Avenue - The perfect shade of red for a pale, pale girl like me!: Ultra-Matte-Lip-Zipper This is the perfect shade of purple for fall, deep and dark.:


A nice watch completes the list =)




What’s on your wishlist (Birthday/Christmas)? Let me know below.




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