September Shows

Hey Guys!!

It’s a new month, so new shows. In case you haven’t known I’m a complete Netflix addict, so it’s only right. Two of these shows were suggested by my newest friend, while the second was a random pick from Netflix suggestions.

Here it goes:


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Oh, look it’s Kevin Bacon! Whom I know from the movie ‘Hollow Man’, but there are many others. Well, in this crime/drama series Bacon plays a former FBI agent who is assisting the FBI to recapture a serial killer. He caught him once before, and they believe he can do it again. However, in the process many people get hurt/killed leaving emotional scars on Bacon’s life. I’m currently on season 3:episode 2, which also happens to be the last season since FOX canceled it in 2015. So far I enjoy it, and I’m basically hooked.



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Another crime/drama series with a more political front is Homeland. The show features a bipolar CIA agent and a marine who got captured by Al-Qaeda and was released after eight years. It was believed by the CIA that he may have turned and now poses a threat to the U.S. I’m currently on episode 10 of season 1 with a lot more to go. There are currently 5 seasons on Netflix with a sixth season coming to Showtime in January 2017. I’m curious to see where this leads, but as of now it’s on hold for my next show *continue below*.

Last, but not least. The one which currently has all my attention……..



Image result for narcos

A lot of you may know about this show, and honestly I’ve been told to watch it countless times. However, I never did. It simply didn’t interest me, but after seeing all the raves on my twitter timeline after season 2 dropped last week, I gave in. I knew nothing about Pablo Escobar before this show, maybe I was naive but this seemed like a whole new world to me. Currently on episode 9 of season 1 and I’m amazed at all Pablo has done just to remain number 1. Happy to be learning what I can, while enjoying a good show. Hey, my Spanish is also getting some work by reading all those subtitles.

So as you can see I have a thing for crime and drama series, I love the action. If you have any recommendations on new shows let me know.

What have you started watching this month? Or what are you currently watching? I’m Β more than curious to hear.



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