Top 10 Beach Essentials

As Summer comes to and end we reflect back on all the awesome activities we did these last few months. For me, it was visiting the beach as much as I could. After all I am on an island with 365 of them. I also happen to live within walking distance to two, so why not?

There are probably lots of other things people usually walk with to the beach, but these are my top 10 or “must haves”.


  1. Beach Tote – You definitely have to have something to pack all your goodies in, so why not a suitable size tote. Can’t remember where I got this one from, but I’m pretty sure Walmart or Target will have some affordable ones.
  2. Sunblock – I know this is a must for some people, but sometimes I go without it. After all, Black girls glow in the sun
  3. Swimsuit – Pretty obvious, and there are so many different kinds to choose from.
  4. Hats – My type of protection from the sun, and my new addiction – Dad caps & bucket hats.
  5. Sunglasses – Another favorite of mine, so many designs and options to choose from. Usually based on my mood and how it fits with my look.
  6. Beach Towel – Unless you’re going to the beach just to look around, a towel is always handy after a swim.
  7. Blanket – Instead of laying on your towel and getting sandy this is another option. Plus it’s always fun if there are no beach chairs, just lay in the sun or have a picnic.
  8. Books – Maybe you chose to go to the beach to relax, well books are always an option and the atmosphere is relaxing enough.
  9. Beach wrap – Not a big necessity, but it’s easier to tie a wrap around you than getting full dressed while going to/ at the beach.
  10. Food/Drinks – Leave the best for last, my personal fave snacks and drinks. It’s pretty easy to get dehydrated being out in the sun, so a good idea is to walk with a cooler of drinks. Food/snacks are also an option to keep you preoccupied; while you’re at it, why not have a picnic?
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      Well there you have it guys! Some of the essentials I pack when I’m headed to the beach. What about you guys? Any faves or anything to add? Let me know below!


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