Embracing Our ROOTS – Colours in Africa

Partyyyy Time! 

Where I’m from we use every excuse to party, and it just so happens that summer is known for one of our biggest festivals: CARNIVAL.

Carnival is simply a celebration of our emancipation from slavery. It was birthed from a time when slavery was abolished and people took to the streets in celebrations. They continued this for several years and eventually turned it into a festival in which people can learn about and appreciate. Carnival usually takes place throughout the last week of July and the first week of August; there’s a queen show, calypso show, soca show and panorama competition.  However, as another tradition there are various pre-fetes leading up to Carnival. This one is COLOURS.


COLOURS is hosted by the Rotary Club of Antigua whose main goal is giving back to the community. Therefore, proceeds from the party will be given back to a charity. Every year there’s a different theme and this year it happened to be African themed! What a coincidence right given all what’s going on in the media today with #BlackLivesMatter. I for one was happy with the theme selection, because I’ve recently fell in love with prints.

“Just because we’re magic, does not mean we’re not real.”

That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend….We both got our outfits made by a seamstress, and they came out pretty awesome. Don’t ya think? Opted out of a matching pants for so many reasons, but the look still came together.


We’ll just skip my whole outfit drama and jump right into the party *which we arrived two hours late for*. Parking was crazy but thankfully we found a little spot close to the entrance; made it through the line fairly quickly, snapped a few pictures, then went on to enjoy the event. This event was an all-inclusive one so there were food and drinks!

The menu consisted of:

Moroccan Lamb Stew w/ Couscous
South African Curry w/ Dipping Bread
Jollof Rice w/ Assorted Meats on Skewers
Fried Spice Plantains w/ Wings
Harira Soup/Lady Fingers Soup
Roast Corn
Bread & Cheese
Nigerian Puff Puff & Akara

As you can see the menu had a lot of variety; my favorite was the Moroccan Lamb & Couscous. Yumm!

They had a signature cocktail drink: “Blue Nile” which I didn’t really fancy. Therefore my drink of the night was Vodka & Cranberry (usually the only thing I stick too).

So I already ate, got my drink in my hand, time to actually party! The music was good, from the old tunes to the new I was dancing regardless if others weren’t. Throughout the party they had two performers who were well-known soca artists, Menace & Tian Winter. They both blessed us with hits after hits and kept the party going.

One of the highlights of the night was a best dressed couple competition. The winner received a trip for two to St Lucia on LIAT airlines. (Picture of the winner below taken from the event album)


It was my first year attending and I really enjoyed myself. The only slight annoyance I had been with the venue, it was very open and had a nice atmosphere, but the STEPS!! There were so many! Especially in heels I was very frightful of embarrassing myself in front of so many people. However, there was a shoe check, so I was able to change into flats after taking my pictures. Yay!

I left the party around 2:30 a.m. well satisfied, and definitely with thoughts of returning next year.

Stay Tuned for what other Carnival activities I get myself into! =)


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