Pink Drink Withdrawals

In case you were wondering –


The struggle of being consistent will be greatest downfall, sadly. However, I am back and currently in Antigua where I will be until…….my next big decision (grad school).

So I’ve been here for little over 48 hours and I’m already having withdrawals! Can you believe that? I’ve been living in the United States for three and a half years, and the one thing I’ve grown totally in love with was STARBUCKS. Throughout college it took all of my money, then I moved to Florida where one was right next to work. It’s amazing I never had a Starbucks rewards card.

Sure, there is the basic coffee or lattes but give me those frappes! For a long while I was stuck on the Caramel frappe, then there was the white chocolate, but recently I’ve found a new love. Funny thing about all this is i’m lactose intolerant, but I LOVE milky products.

So what’s my new fave?


This baby is Throughout the month of June it was all over instagram – all the bloggers and youtubers were trying it, so I just had to. It’s on the regular menu, however you substitute water for coconut milk and BAM; you have yourself the infamous #PinkDrink.

If you haven’t tried this by now, you definitely need to. Enjoy it for the both of us!
P.S. I’ve now upgraded from a tall to a venti, because it’s so good!

In the mean time I’ll be searching Pinterest for hacks to this recipe.


Stay tuned! Working on some new stuff =)

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