100 Days of Islandstrations

Hey Guys!!

Some of you know about my interest in Adobe Illustrator, and how I used to fiddle around a bit with it. Well, just like blogging I fell off for a bit, but now I’m back *I think*. I came across this challenge on my instagram and decided to take part. After all it seems like a good way to get back into creating as well as being fun, so why not?

The challenge was created by Elle Luna on IG, and is titled #The100DayProject. It’s basically a project for creating whatever your heart desires for 100 days in a row. It may sound like a lot, but it may also be a good push to actually complete something, plus come up with new ideas.

In order to separate each person’s submissions and to make it unique we were all prompted to come up with out unique hashtag. I decided to call mine #100DaysofIslandstrations_CBA. Pretty long, right? First off, what’s an “Islandstration”? An islandstration is basically an island illustration. I decided to dedicate my 100 days toward creating illustration pieces representing island life. CBA is basically just my logo for “created by Ali”.

So, I invite all of you to check out my entries, as well as others on Instagram or just by using the hashtag.

Prompts and directions from Elle LunaIsland-Gyal
My first post day 01/100 – Island Gyal.

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