The Leap

I’ve finally decided to take the leap.

This may be the biggest decision of my life, but no turning back now.

I’ve been MIA for a bit because I’ve been going through a rough time. Basically I graduated college in December and I’m still unemployed. Yes, I know stuff like that doesn’t happen right away but seeing others who graduated with me already working, and seemingly have their life together makes it difficult for me. Another thing that had me down was the fact that I haven’t achieved any of my Β goals that I made for the previous months. It’s frustrating and has left me unmotivated and ready to give up.

However, with the advice of many and the push of my parents I decided to move from little ole Wichita Falls, Texas (my comfort zone) to a whole new state/city. Therefore, I’ve been busy packing and attempting to get things together. I’m still kind of bummed out but I’m trying my best to look forward to change, and hopefully new opportunities.

I’ll be back soon. xoxo

Wish me luck & stay tuned for updates on my new journey.

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