Across the Seas

Quick rant:

This has been a topic for MANY years, and I don’t usually pay it no mind. However, I decided to now. MANY Americans are either extremely uneducated about geography or really ignorant; i’d agree with the latter.

I’m curious though if it’s just Americans or other people in the world too. (HELP ME OUT HERE!)

When I was in high school I had to do a geography class, they thought you about different places in the world. Before that I did a social studies class in primary school, and probably history as well *not sure*. Main point is we had many classes to teach us about our surroundings, and the mere fact that the Caribbean region is not the whole world!

The Caribbean Region comprises of a number of islands; based on many definitions this region can be defined by geography (those in the Caribbean sea), history (culture, independent), language (French, English, Spanish) etc We don’t all look the same or speak the same! Just like how people from New York are different to those in Texas or Florida; WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Now coming to university in America individuals would come up to you and ask “Are you Jamaican?” That is always the first question, and it gets quite annoying. At least you know about Jamaica, because of reggae music, and Bob Marley etc. However, the whole Caribbean region does not constitute as Jamaica! How about you ask us where we’re from first instead of assuming? (To ass-u-me- : make an ass out of you and me.) We’re not here for it.

As if assuming we’re from Jamaica isn’t enough most Caribbean students are bombarded with even more ignorant assumptions.

Do they have vehicles where you’re from?

Do you sleep in huts?

Is there internet and/or telephones?

Do you smoke? Do you know where I can get Marijuana from? etc etc

Some islands may be more developed than others, but we have basically the same amenities you have. So let’s start educating ourselves, and stop ridiculing Caribbean students. Also there is no such thing as “Caribbeans” We may be Antiguans, Trinidadians, Barbadian, but never Caribbeans. It is the Caribbean region.

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