All or Nothing. What’s More Dangerous?

Daily Prompt: All or Nothing?  –

Which do you find dangerous wanting everything? or wanting nothing?

I’ve read this question over and over in my mind. “What’s more dangerous, to want everything or want nothing.” The answer seemed simple at first, of course to want nothing. But then I kept thinking why would a question phrased that way be so easy to answer, is there some sort of reverse psychology to get you into thinking about both sides. Maybe single out which one has the least disadvantages? I still believe the answer would remain the same.

Think about it. A person who wants nothing has no goals, no plans, nothing to look forward too. They’re mainly going with the flow, right? So where does that leave them?

If you want nothing, what’s your purpose in life?

How are you comfortable wanting nothing?

Is that even real?

Are there people in the world who honestly and truly want nothing?

The Hungry, the sick, the poor, the rich, everybody must want something, it’s only right.

But of course the question wasn’t about wanting nothing, it was which do you find more dangerous…

Despite persons out there wanting nothing, does that make it less dangerous than those who want everything?

You might be thinking everything like what? So let’s put it into perspective as it relates to my life “Unemployed College Grad” *that’s the title I give myself now*. What would mean everything to me? A JOB, money, my own vehicle, a relationship, my own apartment, my own website/business, knowing my parents are safe and happy….. now I’m stuck, and I felt like this list would be longer.

Wanting everything doesn’t necessarily have to mean wanting materialistic things, but you get the point…

At what point do you stop wanting? After the first list of things that you deem “everything” has been achieved, does your wanting go away? or do you want more? Like nothing is ever going to be enough, and you’re never going to be satisfied. Human behaviour?

Now I really don’t have an answer.

So ALL or NOTHING? What is it gonna be?


- Aaliyah

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