Winter Who?

I currently live in Texas, and have been for the past three years. Suffice to say the weather in Texas is like no other. Where my Texans at? I’m sure you can attest to this. You can experience all four seasons in one week, or may two in one day. There’s just no telling what kind of weather you’d get. Temperatures range as low as the negatives during the winter to over 100 in the summer. However, this winter has definitely been something, besides that one snow day in January the weather has been kind of “Springy”.


This snow day, didn’t even last a couple hours, it was gone as quick as it came.


Despite this being a day in December, the weather is fairly the same at the moment. This weekend it was in the 80’s, so of course I brought out the shorts.

Now, I’m from the Caribbean where it’s sunny 24/7, 365, besides for the occasional rain during the hurricane season. Although I enjoy the sunshine, and everything else that comes with it; I really appreciate the change in seasons, and experiencing the change in scenery.

First Winter, December 2012

Spring; Beautiful weather for taking a walk by the lake.

Snapchat--6720861899367631673Summer; Shorter days, and longer nights, always nice to watch the sunset.

End of a beautiful day

Lastly, Fall/Autumn where there are no leaves on the trees, and we’re getting ready for winter.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Β Seasons

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