Iron Bird

In response to the Daily Post’s photography prompt “Weight(less)

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Growing up I used to hate flying with a passion; I would get extremely anxious the night before, and thus have problems sleeping. On the day of the trip I’d be worried, and nervous all the way to airport. Which usually meant needing to go to the bathroom countless times before boarding. On the plane was different scenario; most persons would fasten their seat belts or find a book to read, but the first thing I check for is the barf bag. I cannot recall ever flying, and not vomiting during take-off or landing (embarrassing). Β However, as I got older and moved away for school it got easier. Now my favorite place to be is on a plane among the clouds.

Now I totally went off topic, but it did make for a good opening, didn’t it?

Another mystery of mine while growing up was how is it possible for planes to fly? It’s still weird to think about now even though you know there’s a lot of physics involved. But still, how does this huge metal object housing hundreds of people, plus over 7500 lbs in baggage stay in air? It amazes me! The title for my post “Iron Bird” comes from something my father used to say, when driving by the airport “Look at that big iron bird”. Bird in reference to birds fly and well that’s what airplanes do, and also iron because of the material it’s made out of.

Science is a marvelous field!


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