Looking Towards the Future

Almost at the half way mark [June 1st] for 2015 *or would it be June 30th*?
Either way we’re almost half way through the year. At the beginning of the year I made note of a few goals I wanted to achieve throughout this year. To my surprise I strongly feel as if I’ve been on track to completing them.  Let’s get into some deets!!

P.S. Check out my Year ago post for more info along with the full list of my goals. 

Soooo deets time!!

First off all, my biggest achievement now is the fact that I got a job! Yay me. Started working at my university’s library for finals week, and they decided to keep me for the summer semesters.  It was one of the places I first applied to at the beginning of the year, and well I finally got through.

Secondly, which is a downfall. I stated I wanted to get a 4.0 GPA for my senior year. Basically meaning every semester till I graduate I want a 4.0. Unfortunately, I fell short this semester, and well only have myself to blame. I honestly believe if I had put in more work I would have been more successful. Not looking back on the past, all I can really do now is continue to work hard, and continue to push myself for the remaining semesters.

I still need to learn how to budget!! As quickly as I receive money is as quickly it goes! Sigh. Especially now that I have a job I need to sort out my priorities.

Finally, even though it wasn’t apart of my goals, because it’s a course requirement I got an internship! This should help break me out of my shell even more, because I have to interact with many people on a daily basis.

So I finally feel like my life is somewhat coming together in these six months and I can only hope it gets better.

❤ Liyah

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