Summertime Sadness

Dreams of summer

Clear blue waters
White sandy beaches
Lush palm trees
Summer all year round.




These are two of my favorite pictures which describe exactly what I gave up to pursue an education. Currently, we’re under thunderstorm watch so I’m a bit in my feelings. Of course there are storms back home, but not as powerful as the ones I’ve experienced here. Fork lightning for one is a no-no, plus the thunder is unbelievably loud. I swear I can feel my building shake every time it rumbles.

I haven’t been home in almost a year, and even though it’s practically my fault I can’t help but miss the beach. Going to the beach was like an every Sunday ritual for my friends and I. Being here definitely can’t compare. As much as I’d like to start a countdown I have no idea when I’m going home again. Sigh!

For more pictures check out my Gallery.

P.S. The beach isn’t the only good thing about being home. 🙂

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