Crunch Time

Attempt at making a Bitmoji of myself.
Attempt at making a Bitmoji of myself.

As we boil down to the last couple weeks of school (3 weeks) it is safe to refer to it as CRUNCH TIME.

Thinking about it alone is as depressing as trying to finish strong. This is my last spring semester of my undergrad career, and I had high hopes for it. If you read my About Me page you’d know that my major is geosciences. Yes, it may sound complicated to a lot of you, but it’s not that bad. Currently, I’m doing courses such as General Botany, Computer Applications, Seminar, Natural Hazards ad Policies, and Spanish. When I began this semester I felt like this was the one; the one where I can finally achieve my first 4.0. However, midway through the semester I began to lose hope. The class which I anticipated to be the easiest one of all *since it’s an entry-level class*  is currently kicking my butt! As for the other class well they’re fine.  With three weeks left I continue to fight hard; even if the 4.0 is unreachable I rather fall short by a few than by a lot. 

I believe my biggest problem thus far is procrastination and this awful habit of laziness. I’m also of the belief that I do my best work last-minute. Sometimes it works out other times I’m not so lucky. Trust me I have tried to start work when it was given or at least couple days before it’s due, but it never works out. Another problem which I’ve begun to develop is a lack of motivation. As much as I try to motivate myself I’d always fall short. It would be nice to have someone in my corner to push me through the tough time, and actually understand the struggle of college life.

I feel like I’m babbling now, so it’s probably time to come to an end. If they’re any college students out there, past and present feel free to leave comments. Tell me how you stay motivated throughout the semester; how you deal with crunch time or any bit of advice you can give. It would be greatly appreciated.

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